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The Courtyard Gallery offers original artwork from many well-known Midwestern artists.  Click on an artists name below to view examples of the artists work.
bullet Abraham, Eric - Porcelain Art
bulletAlbo Glass - Art Glass
bullet Atkinson, Susan  - Prints
bulletBales, Linda Clark  - Silver Jewelry, Weaving
bulletBalog, Celeste  - Ceramics / Pottery
bullet Blair, Ellie  - Ceramics / Pottery
bulletBow, Inga - Ceramics / Pottery
bullet Bergen, Richard  - Prints
bulletBergers, John Blake  - Oil, Prints
bulletBloemker, Le  - Acrylic
bullet Brasch, Susan  - Acrylic
bulletBryan, Elizabeth  - Bead Jewelry
bulletBulloch, Gordon  - Oil, Pastel, Casein
bulletBulloch, Barbara  - Watercolor
bullet Bulman, Lola  - Bead Jewelry
bullet Burkholder, Bruce  - Prints
bullet Caulkins, Connie Parker - Stained Glass
bulletCook, Jean  - Oil, Prints
bulletCorbett, Terry - Ceramics / Pottery.
bulletElsea, Wilbur  - Watercolor, Prints
bulletEngland, Katy  - Watercolor & Acrylic
bulletFleharty, Eugene  - Wood Carving
bulletForsberg, Maleta  - Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Prints
bulletFree State - Blown Glass
bulletFurney, Joyce  - Raku Pottery
bulletGaumnitz, Jan  - Ceramics & Painting
bulletGebert, Linda  - Silver and Bead Jewelry, Enameling
bullet Gehring, Jane  - Pastel, Oil, Prints
bulletGreer, Hugh  - Acrylic
bulletGustafson, Jeani  - Various
bulletHauptli, Ortrud  - Batik
bulletHesse, Tom  - Blown Glass
bulletHouchen, Betty Jo  - Jewelry, Pastel, Sculpture
bulletHoskinson, Martin  - Prints
bulletHuston, Jerry  - Wood Art
bulletHyberger, Becky  - Miniature Constructions
bulletJensen, Mayda  - Bronze Sculpture
bulletJerkovich, George  - Photography
bullet JesSal Creations - Dichroic Glass Jewelry
bulletKarg, Rollin  - Glass
bulletKepka - Kraslíce
bullet Kliewer, Cameron - Sculpture
bulletKlima, Phyllis  - Ceramics / Pottery          
bullet Koons, Susan Ringer  - Metal Work
bulletLayton, Elizabeth "Grandma" by Avis Garrett - Prints, Book
bulletLett, Lida  - Kraslíce
bullet Lexow, Angela - Gourds
bullet Lightner,Jodi - Oil
bulletLindholm, Robert  - Black and White Photography
bulletLong, Carol  - Pottery
bullet Lumpkin, Jo Boswell  - Colored Pencil Prints
bullet Lundgren, Sue Whitfield  - Enamels, Jewelry
bulletMackey, Judith  - Oil, Prints
bullet Magnuson, Margie  - Silver and 14KT Gold Jewelry
bullet Markle, James  - Oil
bullet McGinity, Ann  - Basketry
bullet McClure, Jane  - Watercolor, Pencil Portraits, Cards
bulletMiller, Wes  - Ceramics / Pottery
bulletMorgenstern, Donna  - Wheat Weaving
bulletMoore, Glenda Dietrich  - Watercolor, Pen & Ink
bullet Mosley, Kathryn - Lamps
bulletNedresky, James  - Photography
bulletNolte, Lynn  - Watercolor
bulletOchsner, Ernest  - Oil
bullet Ozias, Gary  - Oil, Pastel
bullet Pointer, Ed  - Acrylic, Watercolor, Oil
bullet Powers, Lynn  - Watercolor
bullet Presley, John  - Woodcarving
bullet Ranney, Carole  - Watercolor, Oil, Pastel, Acrylic, Charcoal,Sculpture
bullet Reich, Gwenna -   Photography              NEW ARTIST
bullet Rhoads, Mindy & Greg  - Pottery
bulletRice, Loren  - Stained Glass
bulletRoe, Jon  - Mixed Media
bulletSchafer, Glorice  - Fabric Bears
bullet Schoell, Fred - Photography
bullet Smith, Paula  - Watercolor
bulletSmith, R. Bolton  - Oil, Prints
bulletStauffer, Richard  - Art Glass
bullet Steinberg, Yossi  - Jewelry
bulletTroy, George  - Wood Turning Art
bulletVavra, Marian  - Wheat Weaving
bulletWallmo, Cynthia  - Porcelain Jewelry
bulletWedel, Carolyn  - Mixed Media
bulletYoung, Ginny  -  Prints
If you are interested in a particular artist which you do not find listed here, please contact us for more information.

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