Anton Pearson passed away on March 5, 1967. His carvings reside in every state of the US and in Europe. The studio was then handed over to Norman Malm, Pearson's son-in-law who descended from a notable artistic family. Malm was born in November, 1928. He married Rosemary Pearson in November 1952. A talented woodcarver, painter and cartoonist, Malm was a perfect fit for continuing the studio. When asked where Malm's cartoon muse came from, his wife Rosemary answered, "His heart, his head and his wicked personality!" Tomtes, mythical Scandinavian figures, were another one of Malm's signature icons. He worked in various woods, pine being his favorite. Norman Malm passed away August 10, 2011. Norman, was known for his wit, welcoming nature and contributing his talents to Lindsborg.

Norman Malm Carving

Norman Malm Carving
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    Norman's painted carving is 5.5" tall.