Pearson was born in Lund, Sweden on May 23, 1892 and started experimenting with carving by the age of nine. After studying at the Technical School in Lund, Pearson eventually immigrated to America. He saw a niche for woodcarving. Carving almost exclusively for the rest of his life, Pearson built all of his own knives. He worked in redwood, catalpa, walnut, bass, cottonwood, gum and limestone. He had to quit the redwood and limestone as he eventually became sensitive to the dust. Pearson's carved figures are of the pioneer stock that settled the Smoky Valley area. Tough, a bit rough with hands sometimes in pockets and exaggerated feet, hunched backs, scrunched, weathered patient faces, his figures epitomized the strength and character of the immigrants.

Anton Pearson Carving

Anton Pearson Carving
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    Anton Pearson's Carving is made from Redwood circa 1950 and is 8.5"tall.