Gary Ozias - The Gift

Gary Ozias - The Gift
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    Throughout many thousands of years on the vast stretches of prairie, very, very rarely, a white bison calf was born and appeared among the myriads of buffalo. The odds of this happening were and are approximately one in ten million or more. Such a rare sight was considered sacred to the early Native Americans who peopled the plains. One of these white calves is still considered sacred to many and seen as a gift of hope to all nations. Recently, such a rare calf was born in Texas and, sadly, while it was still a calf, it was killed by malicious vandals who also poisoned its mother. It saddens me. This is my tribute to the little buffalo and to the sign of peace it represented. Bison were honored by those who made their homes in the Flint Hills and on the Great Plains and depended upon them for sustenance; food, shelter, clothing, utensils, etc. My mind wanders back through the eons of time and can only imagine what such a sight must have meant to the few privileged humans who viewed such an animal. We do not have this print for sale at this time, but wanted to let you know of Gary's accomplishment.