Transparent Orb Ornament

Transparent Orb Ornament
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    A Standard orb is a 4" diameter blown glass orb, the Mongo's are 6" diameter blown glass orbs by Kansas artist Albo Glass, please specify color desired.
    Awesome (purple/pink/blue)
    Bo's Teal
    Luscious (purple/tan/blue)
    Aura (gold/red)
    Blue Water (light blues)
    Reddish Purps (purples)
    Mixed purps (purples)
    Cool Transparent (blue and green)
    Greens 96
    Purple Aqua
    Three Color Wash (yellow/pink/blue)
    Stained Glass (10 colors with black edging)
    Ten Terrific Transparents (ten colors)
    Rubies, Rubies, Rubies