Adult private parties can be held any day based on availability of staff/artists. Minimum of 5 painters/guests. There is a $35 non-refundable deposit due at time of booking. The deposit will be applied to the host's registration. Deposit will be forfeited for cancellations less than 3 days prior to the booked event. Deposits may be used for rescheduled parties or to enroll in another class if cancelled 3 days prior to booked event. You may choose from paintings shown below or we can work with you to create a new project for your party (cost may increase). Adult classes/parties are 2-3 hours for ages 17 and up. Adult parties are $35 per painter for acrylic 16x20 paintings. **NEW: Choose to book a private class OR party. Book a Private party for an additional $25 party fee. This allows your group to an extra 30 minutes prior to or after the painting class and celebrate your occasion. This is for groups that want to bring in food/beverages (BYOB for groups 21+) and use the bakery area for gathering and serving. Groups just wanting to book a private class (beverage/food limited to space in studio)may do so at the current class rate per person. Both private options (party/class)have a $35 non-refundable deposit that will be applied towards class fee. Other projects such as painting wine glasses and other “DIY” type projects are also available starting at $20 per person. All fees are subject to tax and must be paid prior to date of event. Have an idea for a painting you don't see below? Our artists can design a pattern based on your ideas and inspirations for a $40 design fee. This fee covers the additional artist time to create a pattern and coordinate colors for a painting that can be done in a group setting in the 2+ hour party time. Call 785-227-3007 for more information and to set a date and project. ***SUBMITTING A PARTY REQUEST DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE BOOKED THE REQUESTED TIME. Your party is only booked when you have received an email/phone call from ArtGarden/Courtyard Gallery confirming your party and you respond accepting the confirmation.

Private Parties