Nature is not Static; this is something that I seek to embrace through art. In order to express this, I use multiple mediums as well as contoured lines. This quote has always spoken to me and has surfaced in my path as an artist many times. Creativity for me is a process that seeps through my dreams and manifests itself through my art and process. When I was younger, I would wake up before and sit in my room drawing until it was time to go to class. I received my formal training of the arts in Chicago, IL where I graduated with a BA in art. After graduating I returned to Kansas and my focus turned to a distinctive style of painting. I would describe my work as a highly stylized impressionist technique. Through incorporating a wide range of multi-media including watercolor, acrylic, embroidery, and ink drawings overlaid on the paint.

Ann, Jacquelyn

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Embroidered Garden
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