Rob Compton is primarily a self-taught painter, who has learned to paint by studying past masters and contemporary artists, by close observation of the natural world, and most importantly by working with the medium on a near daily basis. He lives and works in College Hill, an historic neighborhood of Wichita, KS. Rob has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows regionally--including a solo exhibition at The Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery in Lindsborg, KS, and he has shown in juried competitions around the country, where he has earned several special recognitions. His work is in dozens of private collections nationally, and is owned by several Midwestern businesses and organizations. He is a member of the The American Impressionist Society.

Artist Statement: I no longer try to define myself as a representational artist or an abstract artist. Instead, my paintings continuously explore a means to create works that are both meditative and dramatic. For this, I look to an assortment of traditions: Impressionist landscapes, chromatic Abstract Expressionism, and Eastern spiritualism to name a few. With these concepts in mind, I patrol a vast archive of images and symbols and then attempt to interpret them in the best way I know how—by letting the paint guide me. It is my hope that in my paintings you will find that a snapshot of imagery produces timeless meditative qualities.

Compton, Rob